Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kitty has Pompoms

When we were little girls, my sisters and I used to get creative sometimes on weekends whilst watching episodes (not reruns!)of The Brady Bunch, Valerie, Heart To Heart etc. and at one point I remember we made pompoms. I was really young but I think my sisters actually taught me how to make them. Last week I couldn't remember all the details of how to make them but my husband, who is a living, walking wikipedia knew just how they are made, and he refreshed my memory.

So I bought 3 balls of wool and set about making them, et voila! A pompom garland for the baby's nursery. It was so easy to make. But now I have a problem. I believe I may have unleashed some sort of creative force from within and I can not stop making pompoms. They are just so cathartic to make! It's a bit like knitting (not that I can really knit). I may need to ask my husband to hide the wool.



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