Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Got the Blues

I haven't done a feature on the beauty of the colour blue until now. And I am a little bit blue today only because I have to fast for a medical procedure I am having tomorrow. And I want to eat! Oh dear. Anyway, back on subject - Blue. It's such a cool and sophisticated colour. I really hope you enjoy my smattering of images which are very complimentary to the Bombshell life and style. 

Here is Jennifer Lawrence doing what all good Bombshell gals do - loving our animals.

It's Betty Grable looking fabulous in blue and tangerine.
a blue Tiffany & Co. chandelier
Dita Von Teese striking it with blue
our gorgeous Amy Adams on set, loving her hair
Wedgwood blue cake anyone?
Blake Lively in a blue coat, our baby girls are the same age. . .
Fortnum and Masons turquoise blue
Jessica Alba looking every bit a glamorous Bombshell, reminding me of Lauren Bacall here. . .
I had to include Emma Stone, she looks fabulous with her stunning blue eyes
Alicia Silverstone. Bombshell. Where has she been hiding lately?
 Cinderella. Why didn't she run away and find a better job?
 Jessica Alba on a red carpet. She chose blue.
 Julianne Moore looking ethereal as a blue mermaid, so glam.
 Are these shoes Christian Louboutin?
Budgie = love
 Even London's Tower Bridge is painted such a pretty shade of blue
 Catherine Zeta Jones in a classic Bombshell pose
Christina Hendricks accessorising with blue
Katy Perry and (below) Liv Tyler striking my personal favourite pose
Katherine Heigl above, in typical Bombshell home attire

Sophia Vergara - Bombshell!
Scarlett Johansson
Kate Upton in blue leather
Wedgwood blue cake
Kate HudsoN
and Scarlett again

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