Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Christina Again

It has been quite a while since I blogged about the lovely Ms Hendricks. You all seem to have loved the post I did on Christina Hendricks before, and it's so nice to revisit. I have since found some more beautiful images which further illustrate what a great Bombshell she really is. If there is another Bombshell you would like me to write about, just let me know.

 Enjoy these.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Always Make Space for Makeup

 illustration by Megan Hess

When you are totally addicted to cosmetics and you have crammed your drawers and shelves brim full of products, it makes sense to think of space saving ideas. This is not only when storage solutions come in handy but also handy compact palettes. I love these pretty little gem-like cases which incorporate a small selection of colours. Although they do tend to be a little more expensive, than maybe a single lipstick as opposed to a whole compact palette of lipstick colours, in the long run they are so useful and will serve you well. Just make sure you look for compacts containing colours and textures that you are likely to wear.

For years I have been giving palette-style compacts to friends as they make really great gifts. My advice is to purchase these little beauties in limited-edition when they arrive in the stores before Christmas, usually around October here in Australia. The best ones tend to be sold out by mid-November.

Most brands which produce colour cosmetics will come out with some sort of lovely compact palettes for the Christmas season. I recommend keeping an eye out for them at companies such as YSL, Dior, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Nars and Lancome. If you are extra lucky you might even pick up a free little gift with your purchase. Always a pleasant bonus.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Beauty Talk with Kitty

This is a tad off-topic but I know I have been neglecting you recently and for that I am sincerely apologetic. If I could offer an excuse this one is the best: I have been busy during the last year reproducing! My husband and I welcomed a baby girl into our little family during the new year.

Over the past years (oh that makes me sound so 'mature'!) as a makeup artist, I have been consistently asked what cosmetic products people should use and what would work wonders for their individual needs. I tailor my answer for every person who approaches me on this subject. Everyone has their own set of concerns, issues, purposes and needs when it comes to beauty. I have even been commissioned to update cosmetic 'wardrobes' for clients. People sometimes feel as though they are intruding when they ask my opinion but the truth is, I really love advising people and helping them with their skincare and beauty concerns.

Every brand has their 'Star Product'. A Star Product is the item they sell the most of and for which the brand is widely known for producing. Once the brand has established a 'cult' reputation for this Star Product they usually create a range around this particular product, so it can follow on selling through reputation. It makes supply/demand sense.

Now, just because the brand has a great product it does not mean that all their other products are just as wonderful. Sometimes it is disappointing to discover this because we like to be loyal to a company once we start using their 'star product'. Whilst some companies do have a handful of 'star products', I like to pick my favourite items for different uses from a wide variety of brands worldwide.

Finding the right products can be really confusing, not to mention really expensive, and with all this is mind, I thought it would be a good idea to post updates about products I enjoy using and recommend.

Katy Perry

I really feel that it is long past its due date for me to blog about Katy Perry. After all, my blog is primarily focused on Bombshells, and a Californian Bombshell Katy Perry she is. Actually, her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. 

I have taken the liberty to compile a short list of images of what I believe depict her at her Bombshell best. Let me know if you agree.

Esquire Magazine

 This image reminds me of Vivien Leigh

Ellen Von Unwerth

Gazette Italia

Harpers Bazaar

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

White Hot

Right now I am focused on the crisp, clean pureness of white. It is so fresh, light, clean-looking, glamorous and any man, woman or child can wear the ever-stylish classic white shirt. Even white horses give me a sense of serenity and relaxation. And how much I do love fresh, good quality white bed linen. White paired with black is classic and eye-catching. White is simply sensational.

 Audrey Hepburn
 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

 Natalie Portman
 Ralph Lauren

Kitty on Instargam

Stop Press!!!

Greetings kittens! I have just joined instagram so you are now most welcome to come and see my daily adventures and inspirations. xx


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