Friday, May 1, 2015

Mascara Test Drive II

Today I trialled Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara. I began with the usual light curling of my naturally straight eyelashes. I always use mascara in black as opposed to brown, and I always recommend using black mascara too. Unless of course you are after a particular effect.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara
 This mascara is packaged very well for glamour-pusses. The tube is shiny, gold and slim-lined. It matches my YSL products. The mascara wand is also slim and the bristles are short and that makes it really easy to coat each eyelash. The ceramide triple complex with vitamins is designed to condition and restore the protective barrier or your lashes.

This mascara felt very light on my lashes and left them very soft. It is easy to forget I am wearing mascara with this formula. There is only a slight inky smell which is inoffensive and goes away once applied.

This mascara lengthened my eyelashes and it didn't flake or clump. It gives an individual, lengthened look but does not thicken eyelashes..

Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Darlings

Let me share with you the amazing The Animal Print Shop by the amazingly talented photographer Sharon Montrose. 

These prints were the first thing I coveted for my daughters nursery. I still covet!

Her Little Darlings range is my favorite of her collections, all portraits of baby animals. She also has images of forest, farm, birds and an array of other kinds of adorable critters. 

Please browse her independent online art gallery . All images taken are of living, well-cared for and sometimes rescued animals. I am so sure you will adore and covet her work just as much as I do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Got the Blues

I haven't done a feature on the beauty of the colour blue until now. And I am a little bit blue today only because I have to fast for a medical procedure I am having tomorrow. And I want to eat! Oh dear. Anyway, back on subject - Blue. It's such a cool and sophisticated colour. I really hope you enjoy my smattering of images which are very complimentary to the Bombshell life and style. 

Here is Jennifer Lawrence doing what all good Bombshell gals do - loving our animals.

It's Betty Grable looking fabulous in blue and tangerine.
a blue Tiffany & Co. chandelier
Dita Von Teese striking it with blue
our gorgeous Amy Adams on set, loving her hair
Wedgwood blue cake anyone?
Blake Lively in a blue coat, our baby girls are the same age. . .
Fortnum and Masons turquoise blue
Jessica Alba looking every bit a glamorous Bombshell, reminding me of Lauren Bacall here. . .
I had to include Emma Stone, she looks fabulous with her stunning blue eyes
Alicia Silverstone. Bombshell. Where has she been hiding lately?
 Cinderella. Why didn't she run away and find a better job?
 Jessica Alba on a red carpet. She chose blue.
 Julianne Moore looking ethereal as a blue mermaid, so glam.
 Are these shoes Christian Louboutin?
Budgie = love
 Even London's Tower Bridge is painted such a pretty shade of blue
 Catherine Zeta Jones in a classic Bombshell pose
Christina Hendricks accessorising with blue
Katy Perry and (below) Liv Tyler striking my personal favourite pose
Katherine Heigl above, in typical Bombshell home attire

Sophia Vergara - Bombshell!
Scarlett Johansson
Kate Upton in blue leather
Wedgwood blue cake
Kate HudsoN
and Scarlett again

Monday, April 20, 2015

36 Is Too Young

Norma Jean/Marilyn. What a beauty. It was just too young to die. I wonder what it would be like if she hadn't passed away so young.

Mascara Test Drive

Today I am testing Lash Define Mascara by Innoxa. It was given to me to try and my first impression is of a very inky black (it is also available in brown though I would only recommend black) and has a definite scent of ink, which I don't actually mind. The wand is rubbery, slim and designed to reach each and every lash, which is lovely if you like a very separated and defined lash look. 

Note: This mascara does not thicken lashes.

I do believe this mascara is designed to curl eyelashes. I started by a quick squeeze of my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers as my lashes are quite curl-resistant. It is always a good practice to curl your lashes before applying mascara for best lash-curling results. For longer lasting curl, I will warm the eyelash curler slightly before using it. Just be careful to ensure the curler is not too hot. I did not warm my curler today. 

My verdict is this is a good mascara. My lashes feel not to soft and not too wiry. This product is opthamologically tested which is good for sensitive eyes such as my own, as it will not irritate them.

 The product. Innoxa Lash Define Mascara
The result.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Coco Said

Oh the truth of this quote. First impressions are so important and people are very judgmental. There is never going to be a second chance for giving a first impression. 

Having said that, I do check myself in the mirror, every time, baby clinging to my hip before I go out and by the time I reach my front gate there is no-doubt a lovely dollop of foul-smelling spit-up on my shoulder. I wouldn't subject anyone to my dark circles from late night feedings with a screaming baby, so although I have gone to the effort to do my makeup (thank you YSL Radiant Touch Pen!), by the time I reach public domain my hair is the key issue. Usually affected by the humidity, it has defied my tonne of hairspray and turned from a sleek chignon into a style reminiscent of a Diana Ross frizz-fest circa 1980.

That is all I have to say about that for now. Except this, leggings are not a substitute for trousers.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Got My Bake On

I had the ingredients in my larder, so why not? I am a tiny bit proud of these little scones and I hand-whipped the cream. It didn't take long either. Now to brew the tea, sit back and relax. . .

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Look Same Dame

It is spring cleaning time for my blog, although it is actually Autumn here. My blog is well over due for a new look. I hope you now find it easier to navigate and cleaner to look at. x

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kitty has Pompoms

When we were little girls, my sisters and I used to get creative sometimes on weekends whilst watching episodes (not reruns!)of The Brady Bunch, Valerie, Heart To Heart etc. and at one point I remember we made pompoms. I was really young but I think my sisters actually taught me how to make them. Last week I couldn't remember all the details of how to make them but my husband, who is a living, walking wikipedia knew just how they are made, and he refreshed my memory.

So I bought 3 balls of wool and set about making them, et voila! A pompom garland for the baby's nursery. It was so easy to make. But now I have a problem. I believe I may have unleashed some sort of creative force from within and I can not stop making pompoms. They are just so cathartic to make! It's a bit like knitting (not that I can really knit). I may need to ask my husband to hide the wool.



Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Stunning Julianne Moore

This is the second red haired woman I am blogging about in a row. The insanely beautiful 55 year young Julianne Moore. One of my very favourite actresses in Hollywood (although she does live in Manhattan). Her birth name is Julie Anne Smith. But her name was taken at the Actors Guild so she changed her professional name to Julianne Moore.

 and here she is at the Oscars.
 oh and a different shade of red. . .
 stunning black and white images. It just portrays more emotion.

 These Bvlgari adverts are so memorable. And it reiterates the Bombshell love for animals.
 Green eyes!! And below, Julianne at home in her Manhattan garden.

 More Bombshell animal love. . .
 That hair!
 on the film set. . .

 Another favourite image. . . Legs!!

 Having her induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame
 Another stunning image - for Talbots
 I love this hairstyle. . .
 Classic Bombshell image!
 This one I think was for French Vogue. Correct me if I am mistaken!


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