Thursday, February 14, 2013

Singles Awareness Day

Happy St Valentine's Day to couples and happy Singles Awareness Day to singles! I hope you're treating yourself to a lot of luxury or letting someone special treat you to a lot of luxury. Valentine's Day should be an amazing sensorial experience for all Bombshells whether single or in a relationship with someone special.

Today can be not as special for single people who feel somewhat left out and forgotten and they may feel it's only a day for couples. Don't feel blue, this is Singles Awareness Day!

Bombshells, indulge your senses today. Perhaps it's a beautiful sunset, the light touch of silk, the taste of delicious food, the delicate scent of a rose or the passion of a kiss.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dottie's Delights

I love exploring new talent in the lingerie world and Dottie's Delight is just what a Bombshell needs, terrific, beautiful, useful underpinnings. 

Stephanie Kuhr is the creator extraordinaire of Dottie's Delights, a high end lingerie range based in Chicago. You'll find her ranges are heavy duty and practical support, all beautifully designed for the sexy, confident and empowered Bombshell.
  Clients include brides, burlesque artists and vintage-inspired bombshells.
Stephanie's website is

The Little Black Dress Barbie Convention

We all love our little black dresses. Every Bombshell has at least two of them. Apparently so does Barbie. Which is your favourite? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ms Larue's Song Of The Month - February - The Stripper

Kittens, this February, why don't you get your sexy on with this classic tune by American musician David Rose.
 It will all work out even better by using a really pretty dressing screen (read my previous blog post under this one!) as a prop. 

Props are our friends! x

Dressing Screens

I've mentioned the essential dressing screen before. They're not only decorative but they are also really functional.

Most people think of using dressing screens only as room dividers but I think they add more glamor to any room and they are great for modesty and hiding an array of messy items.And they are great to hand your nightgown on, in the boudoir or bathroom.
 They can offer shade when you put it in front of a window, not to mention privacy from the odd peeping Tom!
They also add to a great backdrop at the desert bar when entertaining.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House Guest Tip #1

Whenever I have a house guest, I like to spoil them by adding a little extra Larue style of luxury. One thing I do is select a coaster or antique saucer, chill a bottle of mineral water and put that in a vessel full of ice on my guests' bedside table.

It's so simple, so my style and so well appreciated.

Monday, February 4, 2013


This hot little dress is right on the top of my shopping list. It's at Dollydagger Boutique which is in Brighton, UK.

 This particular dress is called the Alika Circle Dress from Bettie Page.  It comes in green and black and I want mine to be navy blue with a crinoline petticoat to give that little bit of fullness to the skirt.

Below is the same dress in black.


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