Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yellow Fever

It's time to turn our attention to the happy, sunshiny, feel good color of yellow.  Now yellow is not as easy to frock up in as blue or red or even orange ( I'll get to orange sooner rather than later as it's too important to ignore). It's no secret that some women just look better wearing yellow than other women.  And when they wear yellow, wow they look so stunning!

Now is the time to experiment to see if you are one of those lucky women who are yellow-friendly and fabulous.

 Here we have the lovely Amanda Seyfried in yellow pattern. Yes, yellow agrees with her complexion.
 Gina Lollobrigida demonstrating that even if you don't look great in yellow, you can look great on yellow furnishings.
 Marilyn. Well, she looked great in everything...
 Jaye Mansfield wearing a sunny swimsuit in the studio.
 Dior does yellow
 Yellow enhances things for Adriana Lima
 Modern flower-child Alicia Silverstone in retro 70's print. Yes, people were brave to wear yellow prints in the '70s.
 Miranda Kerr does it for Victoria's Secret
 Claudia Schiffer wearing it strategically placed, relaxing showgirl style
 Then we have Betty Grable. Lady with the legs!
 Dita does it well, too!
Jane Fonda keeps warm and cosy in yellow stripes
 Elizabeth Taylor goes all out weekend bombshell in gingham.
 A picture of Cindy Crawford from the '90s. Sexy yellow with a zip for quick release. . .
 Great tasting and great for you.
And here's Scarlett Johansson in a yellow polka-dot swimsuit looking thinner than ever. Must have been the post-divorce stress. As I've mentioned, it's not uncommon for a bombshell to have several marriages. But well, she looks lovely.

So go on and be brave because yellow is such a great and happy, head-turning color to incorporate into your everyday Bombshell lives. x

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