Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orange Crush

Here's another color post. Ok, this will be the last post on a color subject for this month. This is probably the most underrated, underused and overlooked color in the entire color spectrum. It's a warm glow of health. A simple orange. There's so much we could do with orange, and not just at this time of year when all we use it for is pumpkins and Halloween decorations!

Try slicking some orange colored lipstick on your lips today.
Or an orange rinse in your hair
Claudia Schiffer (with very slim legs) by the pool
Here's Emmy Rossum in orange on a TV chat show.
Scarlett Johansson matching her brighter shade of orange lipstick to her ensemble.
And Marilyn Monroe in orange Pucci
Verushka in Pucci, too.
Inspiration in the little details. . .
see? Simple. Natural. Pretty.
And we have Yasmeen Ghauri in a hot orange bikini. . .
and a bouquet. Is that enough inspiration for you to get your Orange on?

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