Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bombshell Exercise Part 4 - Hoola Hooping

We Bombshells really don't like exercises that are likely to make us sweat, do we? Why it just ruins our makeup and frizzes our hair do's!

As I've discussed previously, we are likely to enjoy a ballet class, leisurely bicycle rides, a relaxing yoga session or swimming and  floating around in lakes and pools. Moderation is the key here and mixing our exercise routines so we won't become tired or bored with only one activty.

Today I'm going to introduce to you the wonderful Bombshell sport of Hula Hooping! It's fun and fitness combined!
 Hoola Hooping is a sexy way to tone your mid-section and strengthen your core muscles.
 Hoola Hoops are available in different sizes and colours.  You can even get scented hula hoops! They are great for entertainment value and you'll look just peachy hoola hooping poolside or in your latest burlesque act.

Why don't you purchase your very own sweet hula hoop at a toy store near you today.

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