Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just For The Ride

We just adore our push-bikes!

Bicycle riding is fun, useful, environmentally friendly, cost-saving, a darling form of exercise, easy to park and we just look so adorable on them!

 They are social, you can always go for a leisurely ride with your beau.

 A Bombshell can learn to ride from an early age, as our dear little Shirley Temple demonstrates. 

 This is my favourite bicycle at the moment. It's the Hollander-W in pink and it's also available in black or white, only for a limited time. So hurry and order one soon!!

Find your new bicycle here:

 And if we don't want to use our bountiful energy today, we can slide onto our trusty Vespa. Just remember to wrap that all-important scarf around your hair and wear your stylish sunglasses!


Although Bombshells love to be independant, many Bombshells prefer to be chauffer-driven on their bicyles.  This Bombshell prefers her chauffer-ride backwards, watch that coat in the spokes sweetie. . .

Grace Kelly rode solo and chauffer-ridden. Here she is demonstrating her favourite way to ride... side-saddle! 

 Other ways to ride our bicycles, if you dare or if you don't. . .

Claudia Sciffer definitely dares!

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  1. Oh darling post! I need to purchase shorts & a fabulous bicycle. Glamorous cycling ... so chic! xx



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