Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just For The Ride

We just adore our push-bikes!

Bicycle riding is fun, useful, environmentally friendly, cost-saving, a darling form of exercise, easy to park and we just look so adorable on them!

 They are social, you can always go for a leisurely ride with your beau.

 A Bombshell can learn to ride from an early age, as our dear little Shirley Temple demonstrates. 

 This is my favourite bicycle at the moment. It's the Hollander-W in pink and it's also available in black or white, only for a limited time. So hurry and order one soon!!

Find your new bicycle here:

 And if we don't want to use our bountiful energy today, we can slide onto our trusty Vespa. Just remember to wrap that all-important scarf around your hair and wear your stylish sunglasses!


Although Bombshells love to be independant, many Bombshells prefer to be chauffer-driven on their bicyles.  This Bombshell prefers her chauffer-ride backwards, watch that coat in the spokes sweetie. . .

Grace Kelly rode solo and chauffer-ridden. Here she is demonstrating her favourite way to ride... side-saddle! 

 Other ways to ride our bicycles, if you dare or if you don't. . .

Claudia Sciffer definitely dares!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Song Ms Larue's The Month - June - Doris Day, Midnight at the Oasis

Inspiration Today

My dear friend Amy and her lovely sister recently had a devine afternoon tea party catered by this mother/daughter duo. It makes me want to have an afternoon tea of my own.

The mother does the catering and the daughter hires out all the whimsical vintage cutlery, crockery and napery.

You can find their webistes here:



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