Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kate Spade Vespa

What a way to travel! Handbag and fashion designer extraordinaire Kate Spade and iconic motoring company Vespa have collaborated and come up with a Kate Spade Vespa.  The only problem is the ever-dreadded hat-hair you'd get from having to wear the safety helmet.
Below are images of the good men at Vespa putting the skins on the new Kate Spade Vespa.


  1. トリーバーチ フラットは足を優しく包む天然素材を採用し、履き心地よさ抜群で、全体性をしっかり考えて、着脱しやすい。足に全然負担を掛からない、ショッピングの時はすっごく役に立つ、長時間歩いても疲れない、楽しい買い物を与えてくれる。トリーバーチはお出かけからトラベルまで色々なシーンで大活躍できるデザインがいっぱいある、違う服装との組み合わせもすっごく綺麗。

  2. So that means, in English:

    Tory Burch flats are a natural material used to wrap the foot gently, a preeminent comfort wear, firmly believes integrity, easy to removable. Gives us not take the burden of the foot at all, sooo helpful when shopping, they will walk and not get tired for a long time, the shopping fun. Tory Burch is sooo beautiful there are lots of designs that can be big success in various scenes from outing to travel, be combined with different clothes



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