Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Witches Brew for Two

Welcome Halloween festivities with style. Here's a tasty little trick of a cocktail that you can conjure up for your festivities.


1 cup freshly squeeed orange juice
1/2 cup orange soda

2 shots black vodka
1 shot cointreau
2 licorice coils
2 peppermint sticks

Combine the orange juice, soda and cointreau. Pour the orange potion into 2 martini glasses. Holding a teaspoon measure upside down over each glass, delicately pour the shot of black vodka onto the top of the orange potion so that is floats, creating a layered effect.

The peppermint stick acts as the swizzle stick and garnish with the licorice coil.

And voila!!

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