Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get Marilyn's Hair

Welcome to my second how-to lesson in Bombshell hairstyling. It's very simple to create with my step by step instructions.

Today, we are learning how to style our lovely locks in the classic Marilyn Monroe style.  This hairstyle is more ideal for Bombshells who have hair which is approximately shoulder length, give or take an inch or two. If you have longer hair, perhaps you'd rather recreate Veronika Lake's hairstyle, just look for the tips and techniques in my archives.

Start by washing and towel drying your hair and apply a little styling balm or gel to the entire lengths.

Select medium sized velcro hair rollers which ideally will allow you to wrap your locks one and a half to two times around the roller.

Wrap one inch segments of hair around the roller. A good tip to remember is the more hair you put into each roller, the looser the curl. Zig-zagging or assymetrical roller placement will result in a more natural look.
At the front of your head, above your forehead, roll the hair forward towards your face.  All other rollers should be rolled towards the nape of your neck.

I like to dry my hair using a bonnet dryer as I am impatient, but if you have time on your side, you can just let it dry naturally. 

Try this link to amazon if you'd like to purchase a bonnet dryer, they aren't expensive and they are extremely usefull.

When your hair is totally dry, use your fingers splayed out to gently soften the curls by running them through your hair. You may like to use a cylindrical vent brush to finish the style.

Never forget to use your trustee hairspray (always a bombshells secret weapon) to set your style for durability and hold.

Do let me know how you go, Kittens. 
Of course, I'd really love to see photographs. Kitty x

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