Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wearing Leopard Print

Want to know how to wear leopard print? Take a tip from these Bombshells.

Carole Lombard
 Barbra Streisand

Gene Tierney

Scarlett Johansson

Bette Davis

Veronika Lake (with Alan Ladd)

Katy Perry

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bottoms Up

The Classic Manhattan Cocktail
Today we're focussing on the Manhattan cocktail.  I just adored the scene in the film Some Like It Hot when the Sweet Sue's Society Sincopaters decided to make these cocktails in their hot water bottles on the train from Chicago to Florida.  

Make one (or two) for yourself using this simple method. . .

As the picture says, you'll need 1.5oz whiskey, 3/4oz sweet vermouth, ice and cherries. Mix in a cocktail shaker, strain and garnish with a cherry.  So simple and so sweet!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hats Off To The Bombshell

I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again - I love hats. And turbans.  

Add style, mystique and skin/hair protection by wearing one yourself.  There's a chic hat for just about every occasion. 

Here's a few images for inspiration.

Faye Dunaway

 Angelina jolie


Catherine Zeta Jones

Miranda Kerr

 Katy Perry

Friday, May 20, 2011

Animal Love

Feeling the love for our furry friends today so I'm posting a reminder of how special our little (and not-so little) confidants are to us.  Here are some divine images of our fellow Bombshells with their beloved companions.

Jennifer Aniston

 Nicolette Sheridan

Drew Barrymore

 Nicole Madden

Pamela Anderson

 Denise Richards

 Holly Maddison

 Miranda Kerr

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dita Von Teese's Boudoir

 The latest issue of American InStyle magazine features the interior of Dita Von Teese's apartment.  All very much Bombshell except for the taxidermy.  I thought I'd post you a sneak peak. . .

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea Talk

I love a good cup of tea and altough I'm an earl grey drinker, sometimes I like to sit down with a hot cup of rose tea.  Rose tea is essentially tiny little dried red French rose buds which you put into a tea pot or cup (1 or 2 per cup, depending on your preference of strength) and then fill with hot water.  

I only drink tea out of fine bone china, otherwise it's not at all a good experience. It's good to note that Bombshells don't drink out of clumbsy, heavy cups with thick edges. If you're thinking of purchasing your own tea set, have a look at Wedgwood or Royal Doulton and others of similar quality.  As for rose tea, have a look for it at souks, markets or ask for it in stores like Selfridges in Oxford Street, London.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life Style

The name Hong Kong means 'Beautiful Smelling Port'.  It doesn't always smell beautiful but it is very interesting and I'm always sure to take a little camera with me as I never know when I'll fall upon a Kodak moment. 

Travelling as much as I do, I need to look after myself by spending time alone, resting in my hotel bed with a lot of iced-water. I have a great appreciation for luxurious hotel linens and fluffy feather-pillows.

Travel and hairspray dries my hair.  When I'm in Singapore, I go and see my hairdresser and dear friend Junior Ho at the Salon Spa at Orchard City. He always makes my hair smell and feel amazing.

Maintaining a steady diet is a disaster when moving around so often.  I choose to eat a lot of seasonal fresh fruit wherever I am.  I like to try different exotic fruits but I always look for watermelon.  It's delicious, health-giving properties are also very re-hydrating.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Royal Underpinnings

Barely two weeks prior to the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, a certain lingerie designed in Australia by Sally Jones was aparently (although not confirmed, and rightly so) selected as the bride-to-be's trousseau. Katherine was assisted to make the final decision by her sister Philippa and her ex-flight attendant mother Carole.  You can shop for the same scanties at Sally Jones' webite here :

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get Veronica's Hair

 It's due time I wrote another 'how to'.  I thought I'd start you off with a relatively easy style to create, so today our lesson is how to recreate a classic Bombshell hairstyle made ever-so popular by the very beautiful and sexy Veronika Lake. 


Shampoo with a prodct that gives your hair a soft sheen, but doesn’t weigh it down

Apply a product to your hair that will protect it from heat and help it hold on to the curl for longer. I like mousse that won't go 'crunchy'.

Using a hairdryer, almost fully dry your hair.

With a section comb, create a deep side parting. This will give you the signature Veronica Lake “over-one-eye curl”.

Using a wide-barrelled heated tong, curl small sections of hair, starting at the top of the head and working through to the mid layers and underneath. Don’t curl the hair under, we aren't going for a Doris Day look yet!
Put the tong on top of the strands of hair close to the root and wrap the hair diagonally, rather than winding it, so you get a wave rather than a curl. Remove the tong, keeping the wound-up hair together and pin close to the head using a small sectioning clip.

When the whole head is curled and clipped, and the hair is cool, removem. Using your fingertips, tease the curls into looser waves. To keep your hair in place, spray with a good hairspray.

Accessorise with a classic red lipstick – the ultimate partner for your new Bombshell hairstyle.

Ms Larue's Song of the Month - May

 This month of May we're celebrating Spring with the solo of Jazz Baby sung by Carol Channing taken from the classic musical production "Thoroughly Modern Millie". It's light and sparkly just like a glass of fine champagne!


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