Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feel the Glamour

It's a common female condition to feel slightly less than fabulous on the odd occasion. When you're next not feeling like the etherial goddess you normally are, heed my advice darling, on how to lift yourself back onto that pedastool and glow as the Bombshell you were born to be.
* paint it red

I am a firm believer that there's a perfect shade of red lipstick for every female face on this planet. Your task is to visit the nearest beauty counter to find yours. It will make you feel like a new Bombshell in a mere moment. Every Bombshell in history knew this simple, head-turning trick. Go on darlings, indulge.

* robe up

We'd rather go cold and naked than wear a tatty old terrycloth robe! Don't hold back: silk, full sleeves, maribou trim or a beautiful Japanese kimono. Point being - indulge yourself. And indulge the mailman too, everytime he catches you in it.
* buy something you want but don't need
I am talking about something quite extravagant here. Take yourself shopping. Go into your favourite department store and purchase something for yourself. Something you would like to own, but something you certainly don't need. Something you'd be likely to covet when flicking through your favourite glossy magazine. Like another luxurious cashmere sweater or a throw rug.
* add a little French

A little French can go a long way. If you do know a little, use a little. If you don't know any --then by all means get some tapes (or even better: a tutor). Sometimes the most smoldering-sounding words are spoken in French, mes belles. Isn't the boudoir more enticing than the bedroom?
* order champagne

I know it's popular for modern young women to drink beer and prove they are one of the boys. Why?
A wine glass has the potential for drama, but you and I have both seen women of a certain age with the ubiquitous glasses of vino and you're much too young and much more fun for that.
If there's anything that has bombshell written all over it, it's the fizzy stuff. So order yourself champagne. It bubbles just like you do, sweetheart. Go on! It may be worth it just to see the grizzled bartender scurrying around looking for a bottle just for sweet lil' you.

* wear some flora

Just one beautiful fresh flower will make a dramatic and sophisticated impact. You could wear it in your hair or pinned to your chest and you can even wear it instead of jewellery. Advanced glamour-pusses can tuck one into their decolletage or even make an entrance carrying a long-stemmed rose as a hand accessory.
* wear your gloves

Bombshells know the finishing touch to an extremely fabulous outfit is a lovely pair of gloves. Is there anything else that's so ladylike and sexy at the same time? Amazing gloves are quite simple to find in vintage stores. Purchase a pair elbow-length opera gloves and become resplendent in even the simplest of frocks.
Here's the fine-print - mittens and bulky knitted gloves with little details just won't do. No Bombshell in history, or any woman of great style for that matter, wore mittens. Ugh!
* scent yourself
A deeply filled bathtub scented with a sprinkle your signature perfume is a completely sensorial experience of relaxation, contemplation and renewal. It's a relatively inexpensive luxury for you to enjoy and the best part is, the scent will linger on your skin all afternoon and your oh-so-glamorous self will will utterly sensational.

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