Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Perfect World For Ms Larue

In my perfect world, on a good day the Rockettes would be dancing behind me whilst I take a leisurely stroll down the street. Entire orchestras would play overtures to match my feelings. Random people would enthusiastically dance in unison around me and sing. Even the poor people on the streets would juggle the fresh fruits they are pedaling and the homeless would skip along the sidewalks.

Of course, this is my PERFECT world. On any given day, these scenarios quite regularly do play through my mind, though I will vary the themes, the costumes and the songs. But alas, life is not a stage show or the climax scene of an 80's dance movie. Nobody will break into a dance when I enter a room, or cartwheel before me when I walk down the aisle in a cinema. Nobody will run after me with a bunch of long-stemmed roses and there will be no spotlight on me during my heartfelt, Tony Award winning solo.

Reality, which I'd like to choose to deny is I am not good at studying and it's not fun. This is not a part of my show. It is not glamorous and it's dull.

That's all I have to say about that... now, where are those violins?

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