Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fever and Irony

It just so happens that whilst languishing in the bathtub or just on the verge of sleep, Bombshells have their most noteworthy ideas. Like last night, whilst I was feeling low (as you know from my previous post), simultaneously running a high fever. I thought of an entire plot-line for a book. Or a script. Or a TV special. It's just not fair to have these creative habits, we all know we need our 9 hours of beauty sleep! But do you think I remember it all?

Something else that isn't fair is ferociously training for an audition and entirely losing your voice just in the nick of time.

Is it also ironic that both my sister and my little red kabbalah bracelets broke? Or was it just shabby craftsmanship? I'd prefer to think the latter. . .

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