Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fainting Couch

One item of furniture most crucial to every Bombshell's boudoir is a Fainting Couch or a Chaise Longue. These are uphosltered chairs which are long enough to support the legs.
A duchesse brisee is similar, but looks like a sideways-facing chair together with a long footstool. A chaise longue with a backrest at both ends is known as a recamier. Any of these will do handsomely, just as long as you have one for yourself.

I love the whole sublime idea of a fainting couch. They were very popular with women in the 19th century. This was because women in Victorian-era societies almost universally wore corsets which put substantial strain on the wearer's midsection and restricted their blood flow. When a woman would ascend stairs in a house or other structure, she would often feel faint – and a well-appointed home or building would have a fainting couch at the top of every set of stairs for her use.

Some houses would take this to the level of having separate fainting rooms where these couches would be the featured furniture.

My auntie used to have a long, velvet chaise longue and I found great use of it as I practised my 100 ways of dieing sequences, conveniently ending up on the couch in some comfortable fashion. "Asp to the breast" was particularly popular, in my recollection.

Chaise Longue's are perfect to lounge on whilst memorising your scprits, conducting interviews, wallowing in the blues, afternoon snoozes and just cuddling with your cute companion.

In any case, you MUST own at least one of these couches of your own.

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