Friday, June 18, 2010


Winter is definitely not the season for hiding away and mourning the absence of sunny days gone by. Embrace this season with excitement and joy. Winter is the time to wear your silken stockings, luxurious fabrics, beautiful hairstyles and glamorous hats. There are bountiful positive aspects to winter as I'll explain.

You can rest assured that your makeup will endure far longer in winter as you won't glow/sweat during the colder seasons. Make moisturizing your skin a regular ritual as skin becomes drier due to windy air and indoor heating. Your tactile and olfactory senses come into full use. You can wear your winter perfume and your favourite stockings which weren't appropriate during the sticky heat of the summer months. You can also afford to indulge a little more at your favourite bistro as you can cover up any excess weight with cashmere cardigans and woolen coats. Red lips look better in winter and we all know a good lipstick makes you FEEL better.

Winter is also your best opportunity to wear your finest corsets and special silky undergarments with the excuse of having to utilize them for their warmth! Clothes won't stick to your skin in colder weather. Scarves are your best accessory and hats are so chic.

Now, go out and show everybody what a glamorous Bombshell you are and what fabulous times you have.

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