Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bombshell Companions #1

"Schnauze" means "snout" in German. These dogs are called schnauzers due to their disctinctively furry muzzles. I choose this dog as a top select companion as they are kind, loyal, calm, easy to train, affectionate and so intelligent. They also don't malt their fur, which makes them a fine choice for the allergy-prone Bombshell.
Originally bred to be rat-catchers, guard dogs and yard dogs. Schanuzers come in 3 categories - miniature, standard and giant.
They have black or grey and white curly fur, especially on their legs. They have lovely long eyelashes, tufty eyebrows and long beards. Of this breed, I'm particular to the miniature version as they make fabulous lap-dogs. You must have them groomed at least 2 times a year by a professional who knows what impeccably groomed scnautzers should look like.
For this particular breed of dog, considering the temperament and personality, I prefer the miniature version. They stand only a foot tall and weigh up to 7 kilos. Carryable and comfortable lap-dogs and I give them my unique seal of approval.

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