Friday, May 28, 2010

Hermes Silk Twill Scarf

One thing we share a passion for as bombshells, is scarves. We wear them in myriads of different ways, on our wrists, in our hair, around our hair, around our necks, on our handbags, around our waists, around our bodies and there are just so many more ways and techniques we use to wear our scarves.
That's why I've decided it's due time to introduce you to my personal favourite scarf. The Hermes silk twill scarf.
The very first scarf in the Hermes collection was produced in 1928 (and was inspired by the scarves worn by Napoleon's soldiers) when Hermes had pretty much only been producing leather goods. It was such a huge success that a workshop for scarf production was set up at Lyon in 1837. This was the birth of the Hermes silk twill scarf.
Ok, here's the low-down on the classic Hermes silk twill scarf: It weighs 65grams and measures 90cm x 90cm. Each scarf requires about 450kms (250 cocoons) of the finest silk thread available. It takes two years to create from initial concept through to production. Each scarf is hand printed using multiple silk screen, one for each colour used in the design and there are up to 42 different colours used in a single design. Every scarf required up to 2000 hours of work and if they don't reach Hermes' production standard, it will be destroyed immediately.

The scarves are produced by highly skilled artisans employed by several wholly owned subsidiaries of the Hermes empire. Every employee is specialized in a certain step of the item and each scarf requires the work of about 50 designers.
Here's a website which can tell you all you like about these splendid works of art:

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