Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travel Woes

I've just spent four hours on a cramped aeroplane, wedged between two unattractive men of poor hygiene and low intelect. I paid top dollar for this flight, I should have stuck with my usual airline of which club I have been such a loyal member. To make things worse, there was absolutely no entertainment, food or beverages. Oh I miss the days of first class travel. I agree with Jerry Seinfeld when he says "Once you've gone first class, you can't go back to coach."

Now I'm back in my boudoir, showered, fragrant, relaxed and quite exhausted from sitting locked in that little chair for so long. I realise the fact I've been away for over a fortnight has left me with an empty kitchen. Not that my kitchen ever has food in it, but at least there could be an apple.

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