Friday, March 5, 2010


It's high time to invest in a pair of earplugs, like the ones Holly Golightly has in Breakfast At Tiffanys. I have a dilemma. I'll explain. . .

My relatively new neighbour had her relatively new lover stay over last night for many uninterrupted hours of unbridled passion in the bedroom. The issue is that her bedroom wall is also my bedroom wall. The other issue is the noise which kept me awake during extremely regular intervals between the hours of 12 midnight and 7 in the morning.

We all know that Bombshells need a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night.
Otherwise people must put up with cranky Bombshells or worse!

How could I sleep? How could I complain? What could I do? Do I knock on the wall and embarrass them? Do I call the police and report their night of unbridled passion? Of course I couldn't do any of that.

I did, however, play Burt Bacharach at 7am to block out the sounds of their extacy as I dressed for an over-tired day at work.

I can't think properly. I'm too exhausted. What is a girl to do?


  1. I had a similar situation with the neighbours in the flat above. After an all morning session came to an incredible crescend; o myself & my other flatmates gave them a round of applause and a few whoops xx

  2. Strength in numbers! I like it a lot!! kitty x



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