Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing Unimportant

The Plaza is the only New York City hotel to be designated as National Historic Landmark. It opened it's doors in 1907 and was described as the greatest hotel in the world. It was so well known that Earnest Hemingway advised F. Scott Fitgerald to give his liver to Princeton and his heart to The Plaza.

This landmark hotel is opposite Central Park, is frequented by royalty, politicians, celebrities and sportstars. You will find no less than 1,650 crystal chandeliers within this hotel and you can have your own butler for 24 hours of service a day.
The Plaza's first film debut was in Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 "North By Northwest". Before then, movies were filmed entirely in Hollywood soundstages but very rarely on location. Since then, it has appeared in many films, including: Funny Girl, The Great Gatsby, The Way We Were, Cotton Club and Barefoot In The Park.
This is the hotel in which the cartoon Eloise lives and weather you live in this hotel or just stay in this hotel, you are guaranteed to have a glamorous "bombshell" stay.
As it was said, "Nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza."

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