Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keeping It Simple

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Author unknown.

I like to be quite polished. It's not comfortable to be wanting for anything. However, it's a good feeling to simplify my life. The less I need to worry about, the better I will feel and the more time I can spend pampering myself and those I care for. 
So, I decided against having nail gel applied. My own nails are fine as they are. 
Why bother having a spray tan when your own skin is beautifully alabaster in color? Why color your hair when it is already a beautiful color? Just use your own attributes to their fullest and you'll have more time to relax.

Fabulous tips for simplifying your glamorous lives:
* have your unwanted body hair permanently removed by laser hair removal so you'll never need worry about it again.
* Buy readily prepared meals for nights at home so you don't have to cook and you won't have to wash any dishes
* Take cabs everywhere rather than having to maintain your own car.
* Hand wash your scanties in the bath/shower after you wear them daily, so you won't have to dedicate time to washing all of them.
* Spend time with other people's pets rather than having a pet of your own to look after.
* Always have a drawer of new hosiery ready to wear, just in case.
* Take your garments to a dry cleaner rather than having to wash and iron them yourself.
* Only have one phone, a cellphone or a home phone. Not both.
* Pre-pay for as many services as you can.
* Don't use credit or borrow money if you can help it.
* Keep all prescriptions with your local trusted pharmacist. Then, you'll never miss-place them and they will always be in stock of what you need. Best of all, they will keep note of how much you spend on pharmaceuticals annually.

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