Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine

It's the day of lovers. Twenty-four hours of love, passion, lust, sex, heartbreak, lost love, loneliness, sensuality, desire, past loves, future love and heartbreak.

Happy Valentines Day. We still love to believe in love!

I don't believe life is meant to be perfect. For anyone. Nobody has a perfect life. Every being on Earth has wants, needs, tribulations, disappointments, heartbreak, loss, insecurities, neuroses and doubts. It's a great myth, I'd love to believe that life could be perfect. But love makes everything 'feel' perfect.

For partners, I wish you much joy on this St Valentines Day. For singles, I wish you great love from within. I hope you spend a little time alone and congratulate yourselves on your own achievements. May it be your mind, your body or your soul. Cherish your loved ones including your animals. Let them know how much you care.

Bombshells - live to love and love to be in love!!

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