Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bombshell vs The Diva

Throughout my blog entries I've had many people ask me "what is the difference between a Bombshell and a Diva?" There's a HUGE difference. Below, I'm about to list only a few varieties of differences :

The Bombshell has Natural sex appeal
The Diva has Contrived sex appeal
The Bombshell is Voluptuous
The Diva is Often underweight
The Bombshell has her own style
The Diva Follows fashion
The Bombshell often an actress
The Diva is often a singer
The Bombshell never uses coarse language
The Diva often uses coarse language
The Bombshell loves champagne
The Diva sticks with spirits
The Bombshell eats meals
The Diva doesn't eat regularly
The Bombshell is generous
The Diva is more self-centered
The Bombshell always dresses feminine
The Diva sometimes dresses masculine
The Bombshell has an essentially happy disposition
The Diva has a perpetually moody disposition
The Bombshell supports animal welfare
The Diva supports human welfare
The Bombshell has a psychologist
The Diva needs a psychologist
The Bombshell will take a cab
The Diva will take a limozine
The Bombshell drives a vintage car
The Diva drives a late-model sportscar
The Bombshell wears peep-toe mules
The Diva wears spiky boots
The Bombshell is usually porcelain pale
The Diva is usually super-tanned
The Bombshell will throw an object if she's very upset
The Diva will throw an object for attention
The Bombshell often wears a classic French perfume
The Diva often has a new perfume with her name on the label

I hope this little list has made it a little clearer to you what the huge differences are between the Bombshell and the Diva.

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