Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Single In The City

Single in the city? Prince Charming hasn't called for you lately? My mother used to say, "Fat girls stay home on Saturday nights" and my grandmother said "Handsome men aren't going to come knocking on your door saying 'Is there a pretty girl in there?'." Don't dispair. It's time to get primped and primed and get out there! Time to leave your pussy on the couch, get up, get out and flaunt your stuff.
Starting with toes. You no-doubt know my enthusiastic verdict on toes being pedicured and polished in red. Don't forget to moisturise those pins and show them off if they are worthy of it! Legs don't need to be tanned, just smooth, hair-free and even toned. Stockings are always a good thing!
If you are feeling pudgy, start a new diet and try no to eat foods which have been too far from their natural state (or too long since they were growing). I look for foods with less than 4%fat, and limit my carbohydrates in the evenings.
Give your hair a good treatment and style it to perfection. Make sure your makeup is immaculate, including the all-important eyebrows. Try not to pluck them into that dreadful 'hook' or 'tadpole' shape. If you're unsure, read magazines and books, or contact a specialist.
Your lingerie should be a huge confidence booster, so wear whatever makes you shine with confidence and don't be afraid of colour. Nobody needs to see it, you just need to feel 'special' whilst wearing it.
Read up on current events. Ask questions. Have something interesting to say. Know what is going on. It's very sexy to have a relevent opinion as well as killer beauty.
Basically, if you look bombshell and feel bombshell, you'll be stunning and people will be stunned! And your pussy will have to share you with Prince Charming on Saturday nights.


  1. Kityy,what excellent advice you have!I am offically a Kitty Larue Review fan.

    By the way,this is Emma the actress/waitress girl from Upsy Daisy Bakery...

    How did the exam go?


  2. Emma!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! Yes I passed the exams but now they want me to do another 1 day course. Aggrevation central!

    Kitty xx



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