Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Single In The City

Single in the city? Prince Charming hasn't called for you lately? My mother used to say, "Fat girls stay home on Saturday nights" and my grandmother said "Handsome men aren't going to come knocking on your door saying 'Is there a pretty girl in there?'." Don't dispair. It's time to get primped and primed and get out there! Time to leave your pussy on the couch, get up, get out and flaunt your stuff.
Starting with toes. You no-doubt know my enthusiastic verdict on toes being pedicured and polished in red. Don't forget to moisturise those pins and show them off if they are worthy of it! Legs don't need to be tanned, just smooth, hair-free and even toned. Stockings are always a good thing!
If you are feeling pudgy, start a new diet and try no to eat foods which have been too far from their natural state (or too long since they were growing). I look for foods with less than 4%fat, and limit my carbohydrates in the evenings.
Give your hair a good treatment and style it to perfection. Make sure your makeup is immaculate, including the all-important eyebrows. Try not to pluck them into that dreadful 'hook' or 'tadpole' shape. If you're unsure, read magazines and books, or contact a specialist.
Your lingerie should be a huge confidence booster, so wear whatever makes you shine with confidence and don't be afraid of colour. Nobody needs to see it, you just need to feel 'special' whilst wearing it.
Read up on current events. Ask questions. Have something interesting to say. Know what is going on. It's very sexy to have a relevent opinion as well as killer beauty.
Basically, if you look bombshell and feel bombshell, you'll be stunning and people will be stunned! And your pussy will have to share you with Prince Charming on Saturday nights.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Eyes

Paul Leonard Newman was a bombshell kind of man. He stood 177cm tall, was an actor, director, entrepreneur, humanitarian and auto-racing enthusiast. He also served the United States Navy in World War II. His older brother was a producer and a production manager. Paul prefered New York to Hollywood and was hesitant to move there after studying drama at Yale University and with Lee Strasberg in the Actors' Studio.
Paul Newman is one of my absolute favourite men so pardon me if I rave on a bit about him.
In 1958 he married the lovely Joanne Woodward with whom he had 3 daughters. They lived away from Hollywood, prefering Westport, Connecticut. Paul often travelled to Hollywood for work, whilst Joanne rarely liked to be in Hollywood. He was devoted to his wife and family. When asked about infidelity, he said "Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?"
He died of lung cancer, which isn't surprising as he was a former chain-smoker. He was Jake Gyllenhaal's godfather and the visual inspiration for the Green Lantern, the superhero. During the Watergate scandal, he was found to be on Richard Nixon's "enemy list" to which he said "It was the highest single honor I've ever received. Who knows who's listening to me now and what goevernment list I'm on?".
Like most of my favourite men on Earth, Paul was a prankster. Robert Redford had a beaten-up Porsche shell delivered to Paul's front porch on his 50th birthday. Paul never mentioned it, but soon after that, Redford found a crate of the now-molten metal delivered to the living room of the house Redford rented. It dented the floor. Redford returned the gesture by having the metal turned into an incredibly ugly sculpture and delivered into Paul's garden!
On his marriage to Joanne, he said "I've repeatedly said that for people as little in common as Joanne and myself, we have an uncommonly good marriage. We are actors. We make pictures and that's about all we have in common. Maybe that's enough. Wives shouldn't feel obligated to accompany their husbands to a ball game, husbands do look a bit silly attending morning coffee breaks with the neighborhood wives when most men are out at work. Husbands and wives should have separate interests, cultivate different sets of friends and not impose on the other... You can't spend a lifetime beathing down each other's necks. We are very, very different people and yet comehow we fed off those varied differences and instead of separating us, it has made the whole bond a lot stronger."
I also like this quote : "If anyone told me 20 years ago I'd be sitting in a room with peach walls, I would have told them to take a nap in a urinal."
Paul and Joanne were always extremelhy protective of their persoanl lives together. Whilst commenting on her acting, Joanne said "Acting is like sex. You should do it, not talk about it." and "Being married to Paul is being married to the most considerate, romantic man." When asked about what it felt like to be married to the sexiest man alive, Joanne replied that if farting and burping was the scale of sexy, then it was fabulous!
Paul seemed to be resentfull of his good looks and stunning blue eyes. He studied with Marlon Brando and his acting teacher said that he'd be an even better actor if he weren't so handsome.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A good italian girl...

"Sex appeal is 50% what you've got and 50% what people think you've got." - Sophia Loren

Sophia Villani Scicolone, aka Sophia Loren. She's Drew Barrymore's godmother. We share the same height and her birthday is one day before mine (though she was born MANY years before me).

She grew up in the slums outside Naples and her father was never married to her mother (a Greta Garbo look-alike). He just decided to leave them... She and her sister were shuffled away to live with her grandparents, out of desperation and poverty.
When she was 17 she married Carlo Ponti (he was 39), the director of her first 2 films. It was annulled to save Carlo from bigamy charges in Italy. She did remarry him later. Her sister married Romano Mussolini (Benito Mussolini's son).

Sophia has done time on the inside. She served 18 days in prison for tax evasion. Throughout her career and until his death, Sophia was a close friend of Cary Grant. Many of her films she acted with Marcello Mastroianni.

As a true bombshell she likes massage. A little tip from her is to roll your bare feet over a rolling pin whilst watching TV. She has often insisted on doing her own makeup and always prefers to do her own hair and nails. She also doesn't do theatre as she suffers from stage fright.

Sophia has recently appeared in a Pirelli calendar. She is the most mature woman to ever pose for Pirelli!! She currently owns an apartment in the Trump World Tower in New York.

Friday, January 8, 2010

That's Showbiz, Kid

Next week I'm going into a studio and recording my first songs on CD. One is a solo and the other a duet. It's the soundtrack for the stage show I'm currently in. I do hope I sound allright. But Marilyn, Jayne and Audrey couldn't really sing better than I can. So does it really matter that much?
What we lack in substance will be made up for with style.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Another Bombshell Man

George Timothy Clooney. Man's Man, Woman's Man, Man About Town...
Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer bet him that he'd have a child by the time he became 40 years of age. They sent him the cheques. He returned them in a counter-bet, betting double or nothing that he won't have children by the time he's 50.
George was in a fistfight with his director of the film "Three Kings" David O. Russell after David derided a few extras out of frustration. This wasn't going to fly with George, therefore the fistfight. They do not remain friends...
His palatial villa overlooking Italy's Lake Como comprises 15 rooms, a wine cellar, and a master bedroom suite atop three floors. In his garage Clooney keeps his collection of Piaggio motorbikes. Docked at his pier is a Colombo classic powerboat.
He's the nephew of singer/actress Rosemary Clooney and was a pallbearer at her funeral. And although he was raised in the tobacco fields of Lexington in Kentucky, he doesn't smoke as he's not fond of the smell.
Thus, this gentleman represents a Bombshell man. Respect, courage, appreciation of women and amazing, incredible charisma. And you'd thought we'd lost them with the passing away of Cary Grant?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ms Larue Signing In For 2010

Hello lovelies!! I'm back, so sorry it's been a while. House guests are like fish, they start to stink after 3 days. I've been dealing with rude house guests.

I hope 2010 finds you well and I wish health and happiness throughout the year ahead. For me, I hope it brings personal assertiveness, people with etiquitte, good champagne, good friends, good hair and good fortune.

Tomorrow I'm off to meet the costume designer involved in the production I'm in. I'll be having my 'wings' fitted! Oh glorious! I've always wanted wings!


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