Monday, November 2, 2009

So Shoe Me

Topic de jour is shoes. Every bombshell needs a pair of maribou trimmed mules. It doesn't matter which colour you choose (I have a low pair of black, and a high pair of cream, from New York) it is a necessary part of your footwear wardrobe. Even if you never wear them outside of your boudoir.

As I've mentioned before, your toes must be well maintained with pedicures (check post archive) and the best pair of shoes you could hope to get your pretty little fingers on is a pair of cream, beige or skin coloured stilettos with a peep toe. I like a bare inner section as I like the arches of the foot, but that's me being choosy. These shoes are made to show off legs, as they blend into your skin and give the illusion of longer legs! They go with almost everything you can wear aswell. Walk around in them a little in the store to make sure they are comfortable and easy to walk smoothly in as the worst thing is to see a bombshell having trouble walking in her shoes. She'll just take them off at first chance. A waste of money.
Ankle straps aren't good, although we might wear them from time to time, only if we have dainty ankles as they seem to make our legs appear shorter. We don't want that!
We don't wear ugly sneakers outside of the gym. We might wear Keds or canvas shoes and our beloved ballet flats, but we aren't converse high top, steel cap or Doc Marten wearers. They aren't feminine or gracefull and the add absolutely nothing to our allure. It's also good to note that it's better to go barefoot than in a pair of ill-fitting or ugly shoes.

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