Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's a heatwave in the city. Although in theory, I should love this weather for frolicking on the beach like Annette Funicello, it's just not my kind of weather. I prefer to wear fine seamed stockings and pretty heeled shoes or little boots and coats with hats and leather gloves.
This is a picture of Barbara Eden (Jeannie from the TV show I Dream Of Jeannie). She's the one standing on the right.
I just don't think it's glamorous for my sweatty legs to stick to my skirt. Sweat, in the wrong situation, is not at all sexy. Blow-drying our hair in this heat is a total disaster and complete waste of time, as is trying to keep our makeup in place. Not to mention the complete trauma of riding public transport. I won't even dare get started on peoples' hygiene, or lack thereof.
Now I am really thinking about it, the only places that are really suitable for stifling heat like this is on a tropical island or a luxury cruise.

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