Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Look after your skin.

Gloves are important if you like to drive as the back of your hands are so vulnerable to sun damage. Invest in a pair of driving gloves and you won't regret it in future years when you don't have liver spots. Protect your skin, it's an incredible organ!

Wear hats and over-sized sunglasses whilst in the sun, not only are they so chic to wear, they'll protect you from premature wrinkles.

If you prefer to be tanned, use a self-tanner in the form of a spray, a milk or a gel. There are some fantastic self-tanners on the market. I like Lancome's self taning milk. Or if you prefer, have your beauty therapist do a spray tan on you. Just make sure it's not too orange as that can look so odd.

You should use a cleaser, a toner, a serum and a moisturiser/eye cream daily to keep your face at optimum condition.

For the body when it comes to moisturising, I recommend Kiehls Creme De Corps. http://www.kiehls.com/_us/_en/home/index.aspx and for cleansing very sensitive skins I recommend Cetaphil http://www.cetaphil.com/. It's inexpensive and it works well.

For cleansing my body, I like using triple milled French soaps. They are pure decadence. But ALWAYS moisturise, especially if you do use soap.

For your face. If you are on a budget, cleanse with a cold cream. For toner, buy a bottle of rose water extract from the pharmacist and dilute it with purified water. It works wonderfully and leaves your skin smelling amazing! Never skimp on serum, as they are targeting your specific concern (ie blemishes, skin tone, lines etc). For moisturiser on a tight budget go for Nivea. It worked marvellously for many bombshells before you.

NOTE: Never forget to moisturise and look after your neck and decolletage. You won't regret it.

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