Sunday, October 11, 2009

Legs Eleven

Stockings. During the second world war, soldiers used to use stockings, or "nylons" as the ladies used to call them, as a lure for dates! NEVER wear stockings with runs in them. Always keep a spare pair in your handbag or clutch.

Tights with a gusset are your last alternative as they just aren't sexy at all. Bombshells are at heart traditional creatures and will usually opt for stay-ups or stockings used with a pretty garter and suspenders/garter belt. The colour stockings of choice are usually flesh colour, tan or sheer black(smoke). The garter belt will help keep your stockings up and are just exquisite under a skirt. Never to be worn under trousers.

I like fishnet stockings. Many years ago, these stockings (as well as the thong) were regarded as atire for call girls and dancers but not anymore! I sometimes like to wear micro-net (tiny weaved fishnet) stockings. They are also quite resilient to laddering.

Seamed stockings are just fabulous. Again, during war time when stockings were expensive and difficult to find, women used to draw a thin black line down the back of their legs as 'pretend' stockings! Do make sure when wearing seamed stockings, that the actual seams run straight at the back of your legs.

Brands of stockings to look for are : and and

Another alternative and a must if you are wearing open-toed shoes, is to not wear stockings at all. Just make sure your legs are hairless (I recommend laser hair removal. Expensive but permanent) and moisturise your legs very well. Remember to have regular pedicures!

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