Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ms Larue's Heavenly Body Scrub

This is a natural exfoliant you might like to try at home. It's going to help reduce bloating, cellulite, uneven skin tone and it will improve your circulation! It works wonderfully if you have dry, flaky skin or are going to apply a tan or just want a routine exfoliation for your body.

You will need:

* A big cup of finely ground coffee. I like the bags of coffee grounds that my local Starbucks give away as fertiliser for the garden.
* One large lemon
* A big cup of everyday fine white sugar
* A tablespoon (or 2, or 3) of olive oil

In a large plastic or melamine bowl, mix one cup of coffee with one cup of sugar, queeze the lemon into it and add oil to make a lovely moist consistency.
Step into a warm shower and scrub all over your body to make it feel silky smooth.

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