Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Entertainer

Bombshells are by their very nature entertainers. They are the women that people just have to watch. So when she entertains with a function, it must be in true bombshell style. It makes no difference if she's a politicians wife living on a huge estate or a single girl in an old walk-up apartment down town, she'll entertain in her signature style.
You must start with a theme and even if it's just a token, always use your signature colour. Generally we love abundance. So go overboard with the flowers (your signature flower would be good). Have someone bring food, or come over to make something. Or hire a caterer (and let your kind neighbour pick up the tab).

No need to mention that your nails, makeup and hair are always immaculate.

Parties are your time to be on show, time to shine. If it's a 'black and white' themed party, you'd most likely turn up wearing red. If it's a halloween themed party, you'll likely be a glamorous ballerina. No ugly pumpkin costumes for you!

Always appear late, even if it's at your own abode and always leave at the height of your magnificence. Leave them wanting more, wondering more (just like Cinderella! Make all those princes search for you!!). Mystery is your friend so take care and look after your enigma.

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