Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bathing Bombshell

We bathe. Whenever we feel like pampering ourselves, which is regularly! It's a solid bombshell tradition. All bombshells adore bathing. It could be in the bath tub, an rustic outback water trough, the beach, a river, an Australian billabong, beneath a tropical waterfall, a therapeutic mineral bath, the jacuzzi, a secret lagoon or a natural spring deep in the winderness. It could be anywhere, it's still a bombshell tradition. Although we do prefer a controlled atmosphere for the ultimate bombshell ritual.

I like to use a rather large natual sea sponge whilst bathing. They aren't easy to come by so if you see one, get it. My english bombshell grandmother always used one and it was so luxuriously soft. I highly reccommend it.

If it's suitable, fragrance your bath with a little oil or bubbles scented with your signature or maybe an aromatherepy blend to help you relax. Never rush your bathing, it's not good for you.
I reccommend Jo Malone, Darphin or Molton Brown products for bathing. You can light candles for a more luxurious bathing experience. Don't forget to moisturise before slipping into your lovely fabrics.


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  2. Andee Layne, thank you for the lovely message. Sure, I'd love to follow your great blog!



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