Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Great Kate

Not many people know this bombshell can sing. Isn't she lovely?
She was the youngest actress to receive 6 Academy Award nominations. Oh, and Kate did win the Oscar for Best Actress.
She's the daughter of a bar maid mother and a swimming pool contractor father. Her entire family are involved in the theatre, including her uncle, parents, grandparents and both of her sisters. Kate was head girl of her school and began acting in local theatre school when she was 11.
Kate has a 9 year old daughter named Mia Honey and 6 year old son named Joe Alfie. They live with her and her second husband (more than one husband, quite a bombshell!) Sam Mendes. He's a director who is 10 years her senior (older man, another bombshell-ism!).

One thing I love about Kate is her strength of character. For instance she refuses to bow to Hollywood's insane pressure on actresses to be super-duper-skinny. A thing I find utterly absurd! She did a photoshoot for British GQ magazine. After discovering they had digitally altered her appearance to make her look quite a lot slimmer, she was mortified. Later, GQ magazine issued an apology to her. Tut-tut... So they should!

Kate's homes are in Greenwich, New York and Gloucestershire, England.

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