Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Mr Postman

Bombshells, we all know how peachy delightful it is to receive little lovely things in the mail. Don't forget to send thank you's, get well's, missing you's and other little everyday notes to everyone! A bombshell just adores this tradition. Always keep a little booklet of stamps in your handbag and use them! It's one of your incredible charms and it's fabulous!

Make sure you use your monogrammed paper. If you don't have this, use paper with your emblem, your icon, logo etc. Just something that reminds people of the unique "you". Don't forget to lighty scent it with your signature perfurme before sealing. Seal it with a wax stamp, a sticker or a kiss!

Now, remember that writing on such beautiful stationery you will need to use your signature colour pen. Never use a boring old navy blue ball point pen, it's just not your style and it almost hurts to see such a lovely gesture tarnished by one of them. If you don't have a lovely signature-coloured pen engraved with your name, look here to find one

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