Sunday, September 27, 2009


Bombshells Jayne Mansfield and Fran Drescher with their pooches.

Bombshells love all animals. You simply cannot be a bombshell if you do not adore all creatures great and small. In fact, the bombshell will usually have numerous photographs of themselves with their pets (or cute little animals) in their homes, purses and on their facebook page. They may travel with them, accompany them on shopping trips and the bombshell may even have morning tea at the local french cafe with their little pooch. If it's a horse, you'd be likely to see them take a morning ride along a pristine white sandy beach, or feeding them fresh apples in the sun-dappled meadows.

Bombshells are universally known to be animals advocates and often stand up for their rights and ethical treatment of them. This can be a topic of controversy as the bombshell is often seen draped in the comfort of furs, maribou, feathers, etc. The point is, the bombshell herself could NEVER personally harm an animal.

The extent a bombshell will go to in the quest to protect animals is entirely individual.

If you want to be a Bombshell, start loving your animals!

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