Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning I was at my hairdressers' reading a GQ magazine when I read an article about Katherine Jenkins. It's amazing where one can find inspiration! She's a welsh singer. Mezzo-soprano to be precise. It appears to me that she is very popular in Britain, USA and Australia (although it's new to me). Not only can she sing but Katherine can also speak French, German, Italian and Russian.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pretty IN Pink

It's Nataile Wood!

Bathing Bombshell

We bathe. Whenever we feel like pampering ourselves, which is regularly! It's a solid bombshell tradition. All bombshells adore bathing. It could be in the bath tub, an rustic outback water trough, the beach, a river, an Australian billabong, beneath a tropical waterfall, a therapeutic mineral bath, the jacuzzi, a secret lagoon or a natural spring deep in the winderness. It could be anywhere, it's still a bombshell tradition. Although we do prefer a controlled atmosphere for the ultimate bombshell ritual.

I like to use a rather large natual sea sponge whilst bathing. They aren't easy to come by so if you see one, get it. My english bombshell grandmother always used one and it was so luxuriously soft. I highly reccommend it.

If it's suitable, fragrance your bath with a little oil or bubbles scented with your signature or maybe an aromatherepy blend to help you relax. Never rush your bathing, it's not good for you.
I reccommend Jo Malone, Darphin or Molton Brown products for bathing. You can light candles for a more luxurious bathing experience. Don't forget to moisturise before slipping into your lovely fabrics.


Bombshells Jayne Mansfield and Fran Drescher with their pooches.

Bombshells love all animals. You simply cannot be a bombshell if you do not adore all creatures great and small. In fact, the bombshell will usually have numerous photographs of themselves with their pets (or cute little animals) in their homes, purses and on their facebook page. They may travel with them, accompany them on shopping trips and the bombshell may even have morning tea at the local french cafe with their little pooch. If it's a horse, you'd be likely to see them take a morning ride along a pristine white sandy beach, or feeding them fresh apples in the sun-dappled meadows.

Bombshells are universally known to be animals advocates and often stand up for their rights and ethical treatment of them. This can be a topic of controversy as the bombshell is often seen draped in the comfort of furs, maribou, feathers, etc. The point is, the bombshell herself could NEVER personally harm an animal.

The extent a bombshell will go to in the quest to protect animals is entirely individual.

If you want to be a Bombshell, start loving your animals!

Street Talk

This is Ben. He runs up my street every week. It's such a lovely street! His mother lives at the end of my street. Actually I have worked with him several times. That was before he was famous for his drug-addict phase, and the football. Oh, and Pierre Toussanit, the talented photographer behind these pictures is an old work colleague of mine.


Thank God for men! x

Good Grace

In December 1955 Prince Rainier of Monaco gave this breathtaking engagement ring to Grace Kelly...

Mr Yunioshi Esquire

In my imagination, the magnificent medling photographer Mr Yunioshi (played by Mickey Rooney), who lived upstairs from Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffanys would use these Louis Vuitton chopsticks to eat his sushi.

They would make a great gift. They cost upwards from $400.00.

Barrymore Dynasty

All of the members in Drew's family starting from her great-grandparents were wonderful actors. Drew is a chameleon like so many bombshells. I've known her in the media all my life and Drew and I have gone through many similar things at the same age. I've read her books and seen many interviews about her. She's interesting and that's a good thing!
She's a film producer, actress, model (currently Covergirl cosmetics and Gucci jewelry) and a film director. She's marvelous.
Drew began her acting career at only 11 months old in a TV commercial. Her own film production company is named Flower films.
This bombshell isn't afraid of making mistakes. She just falls off her horse, dusts her dress off, and re-mounts!
I remember that her favourite flower is the daisy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rocking Stone

In my past, I've worked on several celebrities as a makeup artist and I can say Sharon Stone has fantastic bone structure. Her cheekbones are just divine! Doesn't she take a great picture? Fabulous modern, confident, sexy bombshell!

The Great Kate

Not many people know this bombshell can sing. Isn't she lovely?
She was the youngest actress to receive 6 Academy Award nominations. Oh, and Kate did win the Oscar for Best Actress.
She's the daughter of a bar maid mother and a swimming pool contractor father. Her entire family are involved in the theatre, including her uncle, parents, grandparents and both of her sisters. Kate was head girl of her school and began acting in local theatre school when she was 11.
Kate has a 9 year old daughter named Mia Honey and 6 year old son named Joe Alfie. They live with her and her second husband (more than one husband, quite a bombshell!) Sam Mendes. He's a director who is 10 years her senior (older man, another bombshell-ism!).

One thing I love about Kate is her strength of character. For instance she refuses to bow to Hollywood's insane pressure on actresses to be super-duper-skinny. A thing I find utterly absurd! She did a photoshoot for British GQ magazine. After discovering they had digitally altered her appearance to make her look quite a lot slimmer, she was mortified. Later, GQ magazine issued an apology to her. Tut-tut... So they should!

Kate's homes are in Greenwich, New York and Gloucestershire, England.

Dear Mr Postman

Bombshells, we all know how peachy delightful it is to receive little lovely things in the mail. Don't forget to send thank you's, get well's, missing you's and other little everyday notes to everyone! A bombshell just adores this tradition. Always keep a little booklet of stamps in your handbag and use them! It's one of your incredible charms and it's fabulous!

Make sure you use your monogrammed paper. If you don't have this, use paper with your emblem, your icon, logo etc. Just something that reminds people of the unique "you". Don't forget to lighty scent it with your signature perfurme before sealing. Seal it with a wax stamp, a sticker or a kiss!

Now, remember that writing on such beautiful stationery you will need to use your signature colour pen. Never use a boring old navy blue ball point pen, it's just not your style and it almost hurts to see such a lovely gesture tarnished by one of them. If you don't have a lovely signature-coloured pen engraved with your name, look here to find one

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

It's the anniversary of the day of my birth. It's the day when people everywhere question my vintage. This is the day I commonly revere. But I must admit I'm not feeling so terrible. Actually, I've had a pleasant day shopping and dining with my wonderful parents who flew into town yesterday! No regret, no sadness and no feeling as though I've missed out on anything. So very unexpected. I'd like to send all of my dear well-wishers a heart-felt "thank you"! Love Kitty x

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diamond Day

This is Marilyn Monroe's diamond eternity band ring. What a great best friend.


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