Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Expectations

Never get caught without your makeup on or your hair done to your satisfaction.

I've clearly learned my lesson today. I was busy rehearsing with my theatre troupe when a photographer arrived to take shots for the programme and promotions. My hair wasn't fresh and I hadn't bought any makeup to touch-up with. It was a nightmare! Granted, my role is intense and rather dramatic and I often shed a few tears. Plus, I had been rehearsing for a couple of hours prior to the photoshoot.

But I do and will regret not being properly prepared for todays events.

The lesson here is to be prepared. Always expect the unexpected. Your face is your fortune. It must be pretty at all waking moments. Be proud of your hairstyle always. It all equates to confidence and there is never a second shot for a first impression!

You never know who is about to walk into your life.

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