Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A gentleman is taking me out for a drink tonight and I have no idea what to wear. It's very cold and windy. Dreadful for my hair. With 3 wardrobes full of pretty things yet I can never find anything to wear. How delightful he wants to meet with me. I ought to get a little afternoon nap in now whist there is still time. Toodlaloo. x


  1. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say just what a beautiful blog you have here. Such fascinating and interesting posts. And your pictures... just perfect ! Thank you for sharing all this - and best wishes to you...

  2. Miss Kitty~

    Oh do please let us know how your little drinks went (and what your wore)!


  3. Thank you for the lovely message Elise! Thank you Lulu, I will!! xx



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