Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Economising Kitty

An economic crisis can not and will not bring a good Kitty down. Think of all those hot kittens during last centurys' Great Depression.

In order to survive a depression, recession or gobal financial crisis (they really all feel the same to me), I've selected a few daily items to help you live through these financially traumatic times in peak bombshell performance.

Accessories - keep your handbags in dustbags and treat your leather well. Leathergoods (gloves, bags and shoes) should ALWAYS be of best quality. Shoes should be stored in shoe boxes and re-soled when new as to prolong their durabitily. Gloves must be kept grease-free, therefore aviod touch them as little as possible. These items will help get you through the tough times in great style.

Skincare - Always use the best skincare you can afford. If you are really suffering with money just go for products like Nivea. Remember you can waste a LOT of money experimenting with new products so this is NOT a good time to try too many new things. It you must skrimp, let the cleanser be of lesser value. Cetaphil lotion is a good cleanser or just go for a cold cream. Don't pay for facials now, just do them yourself at home.

Makeup - foundation should be of good quality and so should your concealer. Remember the saying "Your face is your fortune". Often when it comes to colours (blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner) the cheaper option is more effective. Lipstick makes you feel better so ALWAYS wear it, my dear! Make sure your lips aren't dry and don't forget to exfoliate.

Delapidatory - wax or shave your own legs and bits. Save money where you can by doing this yourself instead of going to your beautician. Don't forget to moisturise the areas afterwards though. To me, sorbolene cream smells like hospitals so I don't use it. Palmers is also cheap and it doesn't smell clinical.

Food - Continue to dine at the best restaurants and cafes as usual, just order the less expensive meals. Order the soup or the cob salad instead of the highly prices dishes. Drink water instead of soft drinks. It's a fantastic time to diet! My grandfather used to say no matter how bad things get, never sacrifice the quality of your food. Overtipping isn't the right thing to do at these times either. You are your own charity at the moment.

Drink - Feminists look away now! Make sure you get men to buy you all the drinks. You shouldn't ever NEED to buy your own drinks - this is a birthrite!! Gentlemen should be honoured to buy your drinks in exchange for your alluring and charming company. Do not feel pressured to return him anything more than that. He's so lucky to be talking with you that it's his duty to keep you in comfort. If not, move on...

Well I've just had a languid bubble bath and am smelling and feeling oh so wonderful. I feel like a better actress now I've almost memorised all of my lines. Such a good girl... I think I'll indulge in some art... Toodaloo!

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