Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Workforce to be Reckoned With

I'm a creative girl by nature. Bombshells generally are. We like to entertain people and often add a little intrigue to an occasion.

We like to do courses to broaden our horizons as much as we love to read.
You'll find us doing courses in:

* Cooking for entertaining (we like the "idea" of this, but very few of us actually do cook)
* Drama - a great many bombshells are actresses
* Singing - we ALL sing even if we aren't talented (think Marilyn Monroe)
* Dance - it's in our souls (even if we are rythem-poor)
* Painting/sculpture
* Language (usually french, spanish or italian)
* Skiing
* Golf
* Photography
* Horseriding (we love animals!)

Here's a little list of jobs where you'd be likely to find a bombshell:

* The Ballet
* Acting
* Animal aid
* Secretarial
* Singing (often in cocktail lounges - languidly draped over a grand piano)
* playing musical instruments
* modelling
* presidents' wife/girlfriend
* Air hostessing
* Cocktail waitressing
* Art galleries
* Boutiques
* photography

Places NO bombsell will ever want to work:

* The armed forces (think Goldie Hawn in "Private Benjamin")
* Prison
* Sanitation serivces
* Kitchens
* home helpers
* Anything on water
* DIY centers ( or pretty much anything DIY)
* mechanic
* Team sports (other than water-ballet)
* Building, welding or plumbing services

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