Monday, June 15, 2009

What's in a name

What's in a name? Your name is very important. You need to love your name. Your face is your fortune as your name is your calling-card!

Many bombshells have changed their less-desirable names into more suitable names.

Norma Jean Baker - Marilyn Monroe
Heather Sweet - Dita Von Teese
Amanda Lee-Rodgers - Portia de Rossi
Elizabeth Ruth Grable - Betty Grable
Ashley Tyler Criminella - Ashley Judd
Audrey Kathleen Ruston - Audrey Hebpurn
Barbara Jean Moorhead - Barbara Eden
Eleanora Fagan - Billie Holliday
Mary Cathleen Collins - Bo Derek
Camille Javal - Brigitte Bardot
Cassandra Peterson - Elvira
Greta Lovisa Gustafson - Greta Garbo
Joyce Penelope Wilhemina Frankenberg - Jane Seymour
Lucille Faye LeSueur - Joan Crawford
Gladys Leeman - Kirstie Alley
Betty Joan Perske - Lauren Bacall
Maria Magdalena von Losch - Marlene Dietrich
Natalie Hershlag - Natalie Portman

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