Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Destination Vacation! #2 - CRUISING

The Yacht/Launch/Ship
Ah, this is one of my favourite ways to travel. If you are well prepared, cruising can be fabulous. There's so much to do and see.
Below, I've listed a few items I recommend for packing.

You either fall into one of two complexion categories - peaches & cream or bronzed beauty.
Either way, you MUST look after yourselves whilst on your cruising vacation. You must pack to protect your skin and preserve your beauty.
* a dress for each night (the more glamorous the better)
* pashmina or stole for mild evenings
* a hairdressing appointment for each night
* A wide-brimmed hat with secure pin
* Corset-style one piece swimsuit
* Sleeping eye mask
* large framed sunglasses
* mini first-aid kit including sea-sickness pills
* sun-protection lotion (UVA & UVB proof)
* Large scarf
* Binoculars
* sarong
* long sleeved linen shirt
* ukalele (to play on the islands)
* a flower for behind your ear

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