Friday, June 19, 2009

The Crush

All is NOT fair in love and war.

While I curl-up here on my velvety chaise-lounge, learning my lines (there are many more lines to learn than I originally thought), my mind can't help wandering back to HIM.

I find it extremely difficult and unfair when I have an old-fashioned "crush" on a man I've never met.

Being famous is so unnatural. I'm not supposed to know this man even exists. And then I find out he's seeing someone. He's entitled to. But I don't like it. He's supposed to be dating ME!!! He's not cheating on me, he doesn't even know me. So why do I feel so helpless?

However, if I were to meet him, what are the chances of him falling in love with me anyway?

Oh the angst! It's unbearable.

What to do when you are in a "situation" such as mine? Well, first you need to buy yourself a beautiful new tube of lipstick. You need to spend time with a female friend. Take up knitting so your fingers are too busy to Google HIM constantly. Read a book. Maybe find a new hobby...

Don't get jealous of women you see him photographed with. Just think of how many men out there are feeling this way because they can't have YOU!

There you go. You are a fabulous and unique creature!

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  1. Ugh I just read this after years have gone by! What was I thinking? Hmmm...



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