Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Action Kitty

"Exercise" is almost a foreign word to a bombshell. We don't run, unless someone is chasing us with a knife. Why would I run on a treadmill if I'm not going to get anywhere? No, no running is not for me.

Recently, I decided yours truly ought to firm up a little so I thought about exercise. I can't do prolonged exercise outdoors - too much sun can ruin the pale complexion...

So I bought myself a "suitable" excercise wardrobe and decided to join a gym. Thinking realistically and long-term, I will only go if it's lovely. So, I did some research and found the most luxurious gym in this city. It's at a five star hotel. There's a pool, a plunge pool, a spa, a beauty parlour, a maid, lots of fresh white towels, a sauna, marble steamroom, complimentary espresso and magazine/papers, lots of other celebrities doing their thing (whatever that may be) and every machine is hooked up to cable television! Finally something to do whilst doing something mundane!

Now I just need to get myself to actually GO.

If you are getting into shape for a film or show, generally you'll have a trainer to help you. I like to reward my efforts with perhaps a steam, a massage or a hair treatment.

Bombshells excercise for fun. Like dancing and shimmying around. We may go for walks, do aerobics, horse riding, skiing, yoga or at-home leg-lifts. We don't like to be too muscly (too manly for a real bombshell) so we don't lift heavy weights. Just lifting a couple of tin cans of beans will do the trick. I like the idea of riding a little push-bike in a little French town...

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