Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Action Kitty

"Exercise" is almost a foreign word to a bombshell. We don't run, unless someone is chasing us with a knife. Why would I run on a treadmill if I'm not going to get anywhere? No, no running is not for me.

Recently, I decided yours truly ought to firm up a little so I thought about exercise. I can't do prolonged exercise outdoors - too much sun can ruin the pale complexion...

So I bought myself a "suitable" excercise wardrobe and decided to join a gym. Thinking realistically and long-term, I will only go if it's lovely. So, I did some research and found the most luxurious gym in this city. It's at a five star hotel. There's a pool, a plunge pool, a spa, a beauty parlour, a maid, lots of fresh white towels, a sauna, marble steamroom, complimentary espresso and magazine/papers, lots of other celebrities doing their thing (whatever that may be) and every machine is hooked up to cable television! Finally something to do whilst doing something mundane!

Now I just need to get myself to actually GO.

If you are getting into shape for a film or show, generally you'll have a trainer to help you. I like to reward my efforts with perhaps a steam, a massage or a hair treatment.

Bombshells excercise for fun. Like dancing and shimmying around. We may go for walks, do aerobics, horse riding, skiing, yoga or at-home leg-lifts. We don't like to be too muscly (too manly for a real bombshell) so we don't lift heavy weights. Just lifting a couple of tin cans of beans will do the trick. I like the idea of riding a little push-bike in a little French town...

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Crush

All is NOT fair in love and war.

While I curl-up here on my velvety chaise-lounge, learning my lines (there are many more lines to learn than I originally thought), my mind can't help wandering back to HIM.

I find it extremely difficult and unfair when I have an old-fashioned "crush" on a man I've never met.

Being famous is so unnatural. I'm not supposed to know this man even exists. And then I find out he's seeing someone. He's entitled to. But I don't like it. He's supposed to be dating ME!!! He's not cheating on me, he doesn't even know me. So why do I feel so helpless?

However, if I were to meet him, what are the chances of him falling in love with me anyway?

Oh the angst! It's unbearable.

What to do when you are in a "situation" such as mine? Well, first you need to buy yourself a beautiful new tube of lipstick. You need to spend time with a female friend. Take up knitting so your fingers are too busy to Google HIM constantly. Read a book. Maybe find a new hobby...

Don't get jealous of women you see him photographed with. Just think of how many men out there are feeling this way because they can't have YOU!

There you go. You are a fabulous and unique creature!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Destination Vacation! #2 - CRUISING

The Yacht/Launch/Ship
Ah, this is one of my favourite ways to travel. If you are well prepared, cruising can be fabulous. There's so much to do and see.
Below, I've listed a few items I recommend for packing.

You either fall into one of two complexion categories - peaches & cream or bronzed beauty.
Either way, you MUST look after yourselves whilst on your cruising vacation. You must pack to protect your skin and preserve your beauty.
* a dress for each night (the more glamorous the better)
* pashmina or stole for mild evenings
* a hairdressing appointment for each night
* A wide-brimmed hat with secure pin
* Corset-style one piece swimsuit
* Sleeping eye mask
* large framed sunglasses
* mini first-aid kit including sea-sickness pills
* sun-protection lotion (UVA & UVB proof)
* Large scarf
* Binoculars
* sarong
* long sleeved linen shirt
* ukalele (to play on the islands)
* a flower for behind your ear

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's in a name

What's in a name? Your name is very important. You need to love your name. Your face is your fortune as your name is your calling-card!

Many bombshells have changed their less-desirable names into more suitable names.

Norma Jean Baker - Marilyn Monroe
Heather Sweet - Dita Von Teese
Amanda Lee-Rodgers - Portia de Rossi
Elizabeth Ruth Grable - Betty Grable
Ashley Tyler Criminella - Ashley Judd
Audrey Kathleen Ruston - Audrey Hebpurn
Barbara Jean Moorhead - Barbara Eden
Eleanora Fagan - Billie Holliday
Mary Cathleen Collins - Bo Derek
Camille Javal - Brigitte Bardot
Cassandra Peterson - Elvira
Greta Lovisa Gustafson - Greta Garbo
Joyce Penelope Wilhemina Frankenberg - Jane Seymour
Lucille Faye LeSueur - Joan Crawford
Gladys Leeman - Kirstie Alley
Betty Joan Perske - Lauren Bacall
Maria Magdalena von Losch - Marlene Dietrich
Natalie Hershlag - Natalie Portman

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lights, camera, action

Last week, I audtitioned for a part in a theatre company and got in. Bombshells like the limelight, even us shy kittens.

When we shine brightly we can be blinding, but when we flickers to a dim glow, well... you'd probably prefer not to know about it.

We are used to people paying attention to us. It's our part in life to be admired. It is a reason very few people see us "sans make-up"!

It's a famous bombshell tradition to always receive a bouquet of flowers after the first and last show in a season. I look forward to it so much! Bombshells, if nobody is giving/sending you bouquets, send them to yourself. You deserve it.

Courtsey, take the compliments and sign your autograph with finesse!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



The Mai Tai

When in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, I suggest staying at the famous "pink palace of the pacific" - The Royal Hawaiian.

Opened in 1927, it is the only hotel truly on the Waikiki beach front.

Here's a recipe for the famous Mai Tai cocktail (one of my favourites). Most of the time, someone will gladly make this for you, but just incase...

Mai Tai
serves 4

125ml (1/2 cup) cold water
100g (1/2 cup) caster sugar
2 cups crushed ice
125ml (1/2 cup) white rum
60ml (1/4 cup) amaretto liqueur
60ml (1/4 cup) fresh lime juice
125ml (1/2 cup) dark rum

Place water & sugar in a small saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring for 2 minutes or until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to high and bring to boil for 2 minutes or until syrup thickens slightly. Remove from heat & set aside for 30 minutes or until cooled.

Divide the ice among 4 serving glasses. Pour over the white rum and top with amaretto. Continue layering with orange curacao sugar syrup, lime juice and dark rum. Garnish with mini umbrella, plastic animals, cherries, pineapple etc. Serve immediately.

Takes 5 minutes (plus 30 mins cooling time)

Chateau Marmont

Aerial View

The Chateau Marmont

The Bar

"If you must get in trouble, do it at the Cheateau Marmont" - Harry Cohn (founder - Columbia Pictures)

This hotel was originally modelled on a French chateau and has been the official playground of every Hollywood "star". It was also the first earthquake-proof building in California.

This is a Hollywood legend which won't disappoint. Whether you feel like being a glamorous diva or just want hide away undetected, you can do it here at the legendary Chateau Marmont.

The hotel boasts 63 rooms with sound-proof walls, formal living rooms, some with dining rooms, balconies, private terraces and of course those white curtains that billow seductively in the breeze.

Curious Kitty fact: They use Frette bed linen at this hotel. You can buy this for your own boudoir and have your own "la Marmont" every single night!

It's situated at 8221 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90045 USA

Madonna Inn

a room
the bar

the dining room

This is the Madonna Inn is St Louis Obispo, California. It is a bombshell hotel. There are many bombshell hotels worldwide. This one is a particular favourite of mine. It's pretty and comfortable and has a great boutique. Each room has a unique name and a 'theme'. Some rooms even have waterfalls as showers! It's amazing. I even love their little cakes of soap!!


We have to face scandal and criticism on a daily basis. A tough bomb-shell'ter (and a good publicist & lawyer) is warranted.

For every person who adores us, there is a person (always a woman) who dispises us - for one reason. Jealousy. We rise above this. Most bombshells have a psychologist as well at that nice boy downstairs who is always ready to bring you a nice, hot cup of coffee and lend a kind ear.

Cher once mentioned that if you aren't in the gossip magazines, you aren't successful enough. Stand by your conscience. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Remember - for every action, there is a reaction. A little scandal can't hurt. We've never been wallflowers so scandal is inevitable.

Sticks and stones could break our bones whilst words will never hurt us (if we don't let them).

We are melodramatic and that's fine. But some bombshells are known for killing pain with pills and alcohol. Don't. Rise above this. You will prevail!!!

Thus I recommend the psychologist and neighbour. Heed my advice, darlings!

The Workforce to be Reckoned With

I'm a creative girl by nature. Bombshells generally are. We like to entertain people and often add a little intrigue to an occasion.

We like to do courses to broaden our horizons as much as we love to read.
You'll find us doing courses in:

* Cooking for entertaining (we like the "idea" of this, but very few of us actually do cook)
* Drama - a great many bombshells are actresses
* Singing - we ALL sing even if we aren't talented (think Marilyn Monroe)
* Dance - it's in our souls (even if we are rythem-poor)
* Painting/sculpture
* Language (usually french, spanish or italian)
* Skiing
* Golf
* Photography
* Horseriding (we love animals!)

Here's a little list of jobs where you'd be likely to find a bombshell:

* The Ballet
* Acting
* Animal aid
* Secretarial
* Singing (often in cocktail lounges - languidly draped over a grand piano)
* playing musical instruments
* modelling
* presidents' wife/girlfriend
* Air hostessing
* Cocktail waitressing
* Art galleries
* Boutiques
* photography

Places NO bombsell will ever want to work:

* The armed forces (think Goldie Hawn in "Private Benjamin")
* Prison
* Sanitation serivces
* Kitchens
* home helpers
* Anything on water
* DIY centers ( or pretty much anything DIY)
* mechanic
* Team sports (other than water-ballet)
* Building, welding or plumbing services


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