Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On any given day, if you were to take a skeaky-peek into the handbag of a true Bombshell, you would be more than likely to come across all of the following items, and possibly more...

* tiny tin of breath mints
* mirrored compact (with magnifying and non-magnifying sides)
* tube of lipstick
* lipgloss (or Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream)
* little notebook or Filofax (bombshells prefer to hand write ALL details)
* cellphone
* pen (possible a little Tiffany & co. pen)
* keys
* napkin from the Plaza hotel
* little packet of aspirin
* perfume solid or mini-atomiser
* ticket stubs from the valet or cloakroom
* rolo's (chocolate for energy!)
* never-used tiny sewing kit - taken from hotel
* leather wallet by some exclusive european designer
* sunglasses
* nail file
* sample sachet or small tube of hand cream

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